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Safeguarding Australia’s National Security through technical assurance

Securus Consulting Group is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of Australia's national security through our Securus Citadel Labs team’s wholistic approach to technical assurance, ensuring the cyber resilience of Australia’s key technologies.

Our wholistic and rigorous approach to technical assurance stems from over 30+ years’ experience, working across Five-eyes agencies and industries, developing new techniques and capabilities that test, assess, and evaluate cyber security systems, including hardware, software, and supply chains, to protect highly sensitive information and capabilities.

We aim to influence ICT security through its whole life cycle by searching for and dealing with design weakness, implementation errors and manufacturing issues through combining hardware, software, and supply chain analysis. This approach has been used by Securus to assess numerous security systems, such as cryptographic devices and cross domain solutions for key industry clients and government agencies.

We provide assurance that Australia's critical capabilities are safeguarded, reliable, and ready for deployment when and where they are needed the most.

Securus Citadel Labs team, trusted to fortify key operations and contribute to Australia's strategic security landscape.